DAR Emblems

Founded in 1890, The Daughters of the American Revolution preserves the memory of their direct ancestors who struggled to make this country free and independent. With over 180,000 members, they continue to carry the torch of patriotism for their loved ones. E.C. Shaw Company and its employees are honored to be an approved vendor for this organization and its historical contributions. For more information, please visit the DAR website.


DAR #1

3.5" Emblem


DAR #2

4" Emblem


DAR #3

7" or 8" Emblem

Emblems are measured from the outermost dimensions of the flagstaff which runs through the center of the emblem.


DAR #4

9.5" X 10.5"


DAR #5

8" X 9.5"


DAR #6

9" X 8"

  1. Obtain a permission letter from National D.A.R. headquarters. historian@dar.org
  2. Contact Jen Thomas. 513-721-6334 ext. 103