Corrugated flexographic plates never made you look so good!

From “This Side Up” to your most complicated High End corrugated print, we can get you there!

Imagine one of the largest Semi-Automatic Mounters in the United States with a fully integrated digital workflow. Add some secret sauce from the E.C. Shaw Innovation Team and the result is a revolutionary corrugated flexographic plate.

  • LED Flat Top on Corrugated Flexographic Plates
  • Up to 5080 dpi
  • Surface screening available
  • Registration within .001 tolerance
  • Reduces fluting
  • Vastly improved coverage
  • Ink Densities that pop
  • Reduces rejections from ink coverage issues
  • Cert Seals that are actually legible
  • Capable of holding 2 point type
  • Maximum mount size: 137.8" width 66.9" repeat
ec shaw semi-automatic mounting machine for flexographic plates


E.C. Shaw Company