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In 1908, E. C. Shaw Company was established in Cincinnati, Ohio. We originally produced rubber, brass, and steel stamps for marking paper, leather, wood, soap, and metal.

Between 1910 and 1913, E. C. Shaw Company began manufacturing curved brass plates to "crash print" wood crates, whiskey cases, and fruit boxes. Our expertise in high speed brass machining and brass fabrication was also used to create architectural signage for prestigious clients.

A few years later, E. C. Shaw Company began manufacturing Aniline printing plates; Aniline printing was the predecessor to Flexography. These printing plates were made of 1/8" thick natural rubber and were used to print paper bags, and wrapping paper. Patterns were very often hand engraved.

During WWII, E. C. Shaw Company addressed the natural rubber shortage by assisting in the formulation and testing of synthetic rubber plates. From a rough beginning, synthetic rubber printing plates were finally perfected and are still used today by some printers.

In the 1950's and 1960's, advances in graphic films, metal engravings, and rubber formulation enabled the birth of thin plate technology.
E. C. Shaw Company worked with printers to implement thin plate technology and the result was more detailed, attractive packaging from the flexographic printing industry.

In the early 1980's, we introduced photopolymer flexographic plate
to our product line. This new plate material, in conjunction with 1970's advances in graphic arts, virtually eliminated the shrinkage and distortion problems which limited thin rubber plate printing.

In 2011, E. C. Shaw Company merged with Cincinnati Precision Plate to accomodate the increasing demand for seamless flexographic plates.

Today, E. C. Shaw Company offers the latest in seamless flexographic plates, mounting tapes, corrugated mounts, and electronic pre media. With offices in Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Phoenix, we are able to supply the technical support that exceeds the customers expectations. E. C. Shaw Company has served the packaging industry for over a century.