Slow Down to Go Faster!

One size does NOT fit all.  Wide Web, Narrow Web, High Speed, Digital, Offset and Corrugated presses - our clients are all over the nation and have the correct flexographic plate technology to fit their needs.  Consequently, our R&D Team is one of the most experienced in the industry.  We have the kind of people the industry experts lean on for information.

Our LED Flat Top solutions offer some of the best coverage, densities and printability in the flexographic industry.  From Seamless In the Round to flat plates and advanced corrugated plating solutions with LED technology, we boast one of the most comprehensive LED plating systems in the world.


“Driving cost effective printing through technological advancements”

cmyk printer

E.C. Shaw Company helped introduce the first LED Flat Top system years ago and now it is regarded as one of the most effective ways to get the best printing results. UV bulbs are antiquated and are being phased out worldwide due to their environmental impact.  Why not maximize print results while minimizing your impact on the environment?

Our vendor agnostic approach to materials and array of exposure methodologies coupled with our consultative approach, truly puts you in the driver seat.  This allows performance to dictate what is best for your printing application, not the latest marketing trend.

Featuring results from LED exposure:

  • Flat Top Technology
  • Surface screening / microcell technologies
  • Better ink coverage
  • Better ink densities
  • Better/unique dot structures

Available Flexographic Plates:

  • LED Flexographic Photopolymer Plates
    • Flat Top Technology
  • ITR Seamless Flexographic Photopolymer Plates
    • Now featuring the most advanced LED ITR system in North America, our Seamless Flexographic printing plate is ideal for high-speed presses, maximized efficiency, seamless applications and coating plates.
  • Plate on Sleeve
    • LED Flat Top or Traditional Digital
    • When you just need someone to mount a plate for you. Yes, we have that too!
  • Digital Plates
    • When old school works just fine
  • Advanced Corrugated Plates
    • LED Flat Top Technology
    • Coverage – never looked so full
    • Fluting – Reduced significantly
    • Screens – fade to what?!
    • Ink Densities pop!
    • Registration for Process Work – Nailed it!

**High End Corrugated has never looked this good**

Flat Top Dot

E.C. Shaw Company is proud to announce an innovative approach to achieve superior Flat Top Dots and surface screening with our Nyloflex® NExT Exposure Unit (press release).

With Flat Top Dot Technology, a greater level of detail is held at the surface of the plate. This translates to a smoother ink laydown and a dramatic improvement in the reduction of pinholes.

The NExT unit uses precision high energy LEDs that promote rapid polymerization of the flexographic plate by utilizing two exposures. The first exposure produces a rapid crosslinking of the plate surface, eliminating the oxygen effect through a LED bank. The second exposure utilizes standard UV-A tubes to create the shoulders.


"The consistency of the exposure is revolutionary to the industry," says Ken Grome, VP of Research and Development. NExT is the solution to the unstable energy of UV-A tubes.

The combination of the two exposures enables a precise reproduction of fine relief elements and high-resolution surface screening onto the finished plate. With a maximum plate size of 1270 x 2032 mm (50 x 80), the unit is large enough to handle all applications.

For converters and designers alike, this product offers superior print quality with maximum flexibility on press and the potential for significant ink cost savings.



  • Increased impression latitude
  • Less dot gain
  • Tremendous improvement of ink transfer & laydown of solids
  • Smoother transitions & vignettes
  • Consistent high print quality & plates
  • As much as 25% savings on ink consumption for film when accompanied with Esko Pixel+
  • Cleaner, crisper traps
  • Suitable for all digital plates
  • Increased plate life resulting in longer runs
  • Durable highlight dots
  • Wide tonal range and color gamut
  • Can help overcome gear marking
  • Possible reduction of print mottling