Our Prepress-Premedia Talent

E.C. Shaw Company’s prepress-premedia department is among the best in the industry.  CMYK, Extended Gamut, G7, Gracol, Gray Balance, Esko Workflows, GMG’s, Epsons, Data Integration, Online Approvals, WebCenter – you name it, we can do it!  And we’re not afraid to customize our workflows to meet your needs.

Our Prepress-Premedia Department is staffed with some of the most talented individuals in the industry.  From color specialists and Photoshop experts to color separation operators and a quality control team that exceeds our customer’s expectations on a routine basis – we are family, we are Team Shaw!

Allow us to partner with your team to expedite approvals, catalog SKUs and drive cost-effective solutions that eliminate duplicate separations and costly mistakes on press.


Navigating the Art of Print Media

The process of creating a print media piece can often seem overwhelming with a myriad of steps to be addressed prior to printing.  E.C. Shaw Company simplifies this process by integrating workflows with the latest technologies to help drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

Color Management

Color management calculates color differences between all devices within printing to ensure consistent color throughout the reproduction process among all printers. In order to achieve accurate color, E.C. Shaw Company follows methodical steps of color management including calibration of proofing systems, creating press characterizations and formulating a color profile. E.C. Shaw Company contributes to and meets the needs of global brand consistency through color management. Making sure brand packaging remains true and consistent around the world is critical for maintaining brand identity. The design of a package and the experience it creates within a consumer is critical. This is what draws the consumer to purchase a product. E.C. Shaw Company can generate a solution that will maintain global marketing strategies.


Seeing is Believing - The Proof is in the Proof

All jobs are pre-flighted to identify potential difficulties that may be encountered during actual printing. Using the customers’ parameters as a foundation, E.C. Shaw Company’s technicians make recommendations for the best print quality. The proofing process will show any modifications and an overview of the job. Our proofs replicate the final printed package with great accuracy. With today’s software, Three Dimensional (3D) Digital Proofs can save the high cost of printed samples. 3D proofs allow you to realistically rotate your product 360 degrees on both the x and y planes as an Adobe PDF, QuickTime Movie, or JPEG file. With our customized Esko WebCenter and databases, you have an interactive reference library of your proofs and a digital approval cycle. Proofs can also be hard copies, printed on a variety of substrates including Calibrated and Verified Epsons to meet GraCol, SWOP and G7 standards.