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Sleeve Care

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Flexo Sleeve Care Storage and Handling for Sleeves and Adapters

Usage and Care:

• Remove residues quickly.
Oil, lubricant, ink and tape residues should be removed as quickly as possible to maintain the sleeve’s surface.

• Use proper solutions for cleaning.
A solution of pure ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or blends of up to 50/50 with water is recommended to properly clean sleeve/adapter outer surfaces.

• Never use harsh solvents.
Never use ester, hydrocarbon, or ketone based solvents as they negatively affect the surface properties of the sleeve/bridge.

•Avoid acids, bases and salts.
Never treat sleeves/adapters with acids, alkaline solutions, or salt solutions that could damage the surface.

• Allow adequate time for drying.
For proper adhesion of mounting tapes, allow sleeves/adapters to dry completely after cleaning.

• Use caution with sharp objects.
Avoid heavy cutting to reduce cut marks leading to print defects. Use a sharp knife with light pressure to avoid significant damage. Soft pads should be used when cleaning surfaces.

• Do not pull out loosened glass fiber.
Glass fiber filaments that become loosened from the inner base can be ground off, but should never be pulled out.

• Use same lot for consistency.
Sleeves with the same lot number should be used to maximize consistency in multicolor print runs.


• Do not stack sleeves on top of each other.
Sleeves/adapters should not be stacked on top of each other.

• Secure upright during storage.
Sleeves/adapters stored upright must be secured to prevent them from toppling over. Constant horizontal weight loads and stress may affect the TIR (Total Indicated Runout) of sleeves/adapters.

• Store at 68-70° F and 50% humidity.
High air humidity at higher temperatures (tropical climates) affects the service life of the sleeves/adapters. Specified outer diameter is valid only at the storage temperature of 68-70° F (20-21° C) and 50% relative humidity.

All information in this document is based on our present knowledge and experience at the time of printing. Due to the multitude of factors influencing the processing and application of our products, it does not exempt the user from testing and calibrating. Nor does it imply any legally binding assurance concerning specific properties of the products or the suitability for a particular application. The responsibility of observing any possible industrial property rights, laws and regulations is the obligation of the user. Subject to technical changes without prior notice.