By imaging high frequency microcells in the solid areas of the plate, Pixel+ can substantially improve on an already proven LED Flat Top Technology.

Micro Cell Examples

Pixel+ is a screening technology that provides screens and microcells specifically for LED Flat Top Plate Technology. Developed by Esko, Pixel+ enables printers to see significant increases in solid ink density and overall better print quality. Film printers have found it to be especially advantageous due to the nature of the substrates they print on. Pixel+ has been found to significantly increase the performance of LED Flat Top Technology with film printers by offering the following:

  • Improved ink laydown
  • Higher ink densities
  • 15%-25% potential ink savings on film
  • Crisper, brighter whites
  • Significantly reduced pinning

Pixel+ & Surface Screening

  • With surface screening, reducing the anilox volume has minimal effect on opacity
  • Without surface screening, higher ink volume is needed to increase opacity
  • High opacity levels are achieved with lower coating weights
  • Utilizing lower anilox volumes eases the task of increasing press speeds by reducing the chance of retained solvents
Coating Weight And Opacity Chart