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Doctor Blades

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Rx Doctor Blades are the printers' best friend!

E.C. Shaw Company offers the patented technology of the Rx Doctor Blade to insure the longest anilox roll and greatest doctor blade life. Rx Doctor Blades come with a built-in seal that keeps the doctor blade holder free from ink build up.

How does this unique invention increase anilox and blade life? Simple. When ink builds up in the doctor blade clamping mechanism, the blade will not lay flat; increasing the clamping pressure only causes the blade to ripple and wears both the anilox roller and the blades prematurely. Rx Doctor Blades address this wear problem with a clamping mechanism that reduces ink build-up while applying uniform pressure.

Save time with every blade change! Blade changes are fast and easy when the clamping area is clean.
Rx Blades are made from highly refined Swedish steel! Uniform structure and exceptional cleanliness means no scoring. Our strict flatness and straightness tolerances translate into the lowest doctor blade pressure to get the job done!

Once press operators see the results, they will never go back to conventional blades!

    • Faster clean up and changeover time
    • Longer anilox roll life
    • No anilox scoring
    • Longer blade life
    • Reduces blade holder corrosion

Rx Doctor Blades are available in:

      • Thickness' from .006" to .012"
      • Cut-to-length blades or coils
      • Straight or Stepped edge
      • Mylar containment