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1242 W Mehring Way
Cincinnati, OH 45203

7310 W Roosevelt St
Suite #10
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Phone: (513) 721-6334
fax: (513) 721-6350
toll: 1-866-532-7429

Company News
• Cincinnati Precision Plate and E.C. Shaw Company Merger
• E.C. Shaw Installs nyloflex NExT Exposure Press Release
• JoAnn Denzler joins the Team

3M Literature
• 3M Solutions for Web Processing

In-the-Round Flexography
• How Bridge Sleeves work with a Flexographic In The Round Sleeve (video)
• How to mount multiple ITR sleeves on a bridge sleeve
• Downloadable PDF of the ITR Seamless Tooling List
• Interactive PDF of a Mandrel Drawing
• Drawing of rotec's sleeve notches
• rotec Sleeve User's Advice
• Sleeve Care

Flexography - Plate Mounting
• 3M Flexo Plate Mounting Tips

• Why background simulation on contract proofs help achieve color on press
• Sample Interactive 3D PDF

• How to download a PDF from WebCenter
• How to approve a document on WebCenter
• How to use the WebCenter viewer
• How to compare documents in WebCenter