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Rubber Stamp

The Original Mark of Excellence

E.C. Shaw Company marking devices offer economical solutions for large scale sorting, marking, and labeling applications, which are, of course, determined by our clientele. They are ‘no fuss’ solutions to assist with project management and approvals.

Rubber and Pre-Inked Stamps

The original timesavers- customized for your individual needs. Our cushion handle mounts require a stamp pad while our pre-inked stamps come with their own ink supply. Pre-inked stamps can be re-inked at any time.

Palm Stamps

Palm and Finger Stamps

This stamp was designed for UPS/Federal Express and other packaging carriers to aid in sorting. The specialized design features an elastic band to hold the stamp around your palm or finger. Equipped with its own ink supply, these stamps can produce thousands of impressions before re-inking. Below is a list of styles that can be molded:

Palm Stamp Chart

Self-Inkers, Daters and Numbers

Choose from simple date stamps to office phrases or even company logos. No need to re-ink the pad, just replace the ink pad cartridge. Replacement pads come in five different colors- black, blue, red, violet, and green.

Embossers and Notary/Corporate Seals

The true mark of a professional, embossers and seals can be engraved to meet the exact specs of local, state, and govt. regulations. Corporate seals, in most cases, can be made with your logo.

notary seals
Palm Stamp Ink

Stamp Pads and Accessories

E.C. Shaw Company can supply ink pads and ink in a variety of sizes and colors.