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In The Round

1242 W Mehring Way
Cincinnati, OH 45203

7310 W Roosevelt St
Suite #10
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Phone: (513) 721-6334
fax: (513) 721-6350
toll: 1-866-532-7429

Seamless ITR Flexo

The Process is in the Plate

E. C. Shaw Company manufactures photopolymer and rubber printing plates from a variety of quality materials. For photopolymer plates, we process only the best materials from Flint Group, DuPont and MacDermid on high-end, state of the art equipment from Esko, Kodak, DuPont and Flint Group. We continue to offer both natural and synthetic rubber plates, and specialize in vulcanizing rubber to various substrates. Our plate manufacturing processes are time-tested, methodical and executed with the utmost attention to quality.

Flexographic Plates: What is your type?

Innovation continues to provide the flexographic industry with different printing plates which improve the quality of print on the many diverse substrates that challenge the packaging market. We take pride in developing these technologies to grow the flexographic industry.

In-the-round seamless flexo plates (ITR)
• DuPont Fast Thermal processing plates
Digital Flat Top Dot plates
• Digital plates
• Conventional Flat Top Dot plates
Esko HD Flexo

Seamless ITR Flexo Plate